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The Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association program bolsters trust and provides support for the police officer in the car and in the field.
The CPAAA continue to be the police department's "goodwill ambassadors" in the community.

bike patrol

From a prior fund raising project the CPAAA purchased tire spikes for the PD to stop bad guys in vehicles who would not stop during a chase. A current project will purchase new bikes for the bike patrol. The bike patrol has 10 officers, and some of the bikes are 12 years old and worn out. Spokes bicycles in Burleson will sell these fully equiped bikes to the PD at a discounted price. One bike has been purchased and the goal is to purchase the rest during the year.

"We can take these in places where our patrol cars can't go," Sgt. Craig Bastible said. "We can put our bike where we couldn't put our car." Each bicycle costs about $600. The department has a pair of inoperable bicycles and 10 officers to share the six operational models. Bastible rides the oldest of the bikes. "They can't get the parts anymore, or if we can they can cost more than a new bicycle," he said.

The COPs members are usually members of the CPAAA also. The COPs volunteer group is separate from the CPAAA but functions along with the other through a COPs coordinator. The COPs group is not a non-profit organization and does not have a Board or treasurer. They do not do fund raising.

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