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When you graduate from the CPA class you are offered the opportunity to sign up for the following.

  1. Enroll in the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAAA). There is a small annual fee for membership. The CPAAA is a non-profit 501C-3 organization which uses fundraisers to purchase equipment for the Police Department. The group meets one time per month.
  2. Sign up for the CITIZENS ON PATROL (COPs) classes consisting of usually four classes, meeting weekly like the CPA class, to learn advanced techniques.

The CITIZENS ON PATROL begins each year right after the CPA class at the Burleson Police Department,225 W. Renfro St. The class currently meets every Thursday, 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. for 4 weeks. An application is required and you must be 21 years of age and a graduate of the department's Citizens Police Academy .

At the end of the classes you will ride a shift with a patrol officer who grades you and turns in a report to Sgt. O'Heren. This ride-along is more involved that the one with the CPA class. Those who complete the course receive a certificate.

COPs are trained to patrol neighborhoods, parks, and businesses; report suspicious people and vehicles; report traffic hazards; perform traffic control at special events such as the City's July 4th fireworks celebration; complete vacation checks and close patrols; co-host community events; host fund raising activities; educate the community about crime prevention; report City ordinance violations such as junk vehicles, curfew violations, and park violations; and patrol major retail parking lots during the holidays.

COPs are also certified, via a four-hour class, for handicapped parking enforcement. COPs are trained to recognize violations and write citations to put on the windshields. COPs do not confront drivers.

Recruits must be at least 21 and a graduate of the department's Citizens Police Academy (36-hour course). COPs undergo a background check before they are trained by members of the police department. COP candidates can not have any felony convictions, no Class A or Class B misdemeanor arrests, or any DWI-related arrests. Recruits must have a valid driverís license with no more than one moving violation within the past two years, must be of good moral standing in the community (at least two references are required), and vision that is correctable to 20/30.


Curfew and park violations
Patrolling in neighborhoods, parks, and businesses
Holiday patrols
Handicapped parking enforcement
Recognition of suspicious people and vehicles
Reporting crime or suspicious events and ordinance violations
Reporting junk vehicles
Rules of non-engagement
Traffic control
Vacation checks and close patrols


COPs member next to patrol car

COPS members supporting each other

COPs members blended into background of concerts.
See persons in yellow vest.

COPs members blended into background of concerts.
See person in yellow vest.

COPs members call people who have warrants on them for their arrest to come in and pay their fines. Members of the Citizens On Patrol call those with warrants prior to the police roundup. An example of their work is that in February 2009, the COPs members called 83 people with outstanding warrants. The phone calls resulted in the collection of more than $6,300 from 23 defendants. The municipal court had 3,366 outstanding warrants totaling $992,425 when the roundup began in February. Between Feb. 16 and March 7, a total of 407 warrants adding up to almost $53,000 were cleared.

The focus is always on Class C misdemeanor warrants, the majority of which are traffic-related offenses, during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Those who have warrants for their arrest are notified through the mail and by phone. These COPs members making these calls result in thousands of dollars being collect each year.

In the year 2010-2011 there were 42 volunteer Citizens On Patrol calling those with warrants. Outstanding warrants were valued at $30,039. The calls collected $25,252.

Only COPs volunteers can make these calls. The Burleson Municipal Court (inside the Burleson sub-courthouse) is located at 247 Elk Dr., Room 114.

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